Fee Structure

*Prices shown are opt-in fundraising. You may choose to opt-out of fundraising and a $125 will be applied to each season ($250 overall)

Additional Fees


  • Uniform


  • Additional Tournament Fees (beyond 1 tournament)


As a member of Southeast Michigan Storm you are expected to sell sixteen $5 raffle tickets per season ($80 per season). You may opt-out of fundraising at for an additional $125 fee per season.

What's Covered?

  • Coaching Fees
  • Referee Fees
  • Risk Management Fees
  • Michigan Insurance and Registration
  • WSSL League and GotSoccer Registration Fees
  • Tournament Registration if enough players available
  • Training Equipment – extra balls, pinnies, pods
  • Field Equipment and Maintenance – goals, nets, corner flags, fertilization, field lining

Season Outline


  • 2 practices per week
  • 8 WSSL games
  • Bowling Green Tournament
    • 3 or 4 games
  •  Storm Skills and Keeper Training


  • 1 practice per week
  • Games/Friendlies